Strathmore 300 and 400 Series Watercolor Paper

Strathmore 300 Series Watercolor Paper is a heavyweight, student-grade watercolor paper that is great for experimenting and practicing new techniques. Fargo, North Dakota artist Phyllis Lincoln created this watercolor of a donkey using water-based Speedball Elegant Writer Pens on the smooth side of a Strathmore Series 300 sheet. She explains, “Ever since I realized the Elegant Writer pen variegates when wet, I've been experimenting with this technique and have tried at least a dozen different types and brands of paper. Strathmore 300 is my favorite.”

Strathmore 400 Series is an intermediate grade watercolor paper popular with watercolorists of all levels because of the fine and even washes that can be achieved using this sheet. It also has a strong surface that is well suited for lifting and scraping techniques.


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