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The holidays are here! Find some inspiration for gifts for creative people with our Holiday Gift Guide, from Stationery to Acrylic Paints to Stocking Stuffers, we've got ideas enough to go around. Buy what you see online, have it sent to them or come in the store to see for yourself. Our range of gifts and sets is perfect for any creative, and they'll be happy you shopped local, too!


a gift card to art materials minneapolis the best gift for creatives

Can't figure out what to buy for an artist who has it all? Or maybe they're just picky, fret not! Art Materials Gift Cards are for the physical location on Lyndale, so the gifted can just go and pick out their own supplies. It's never shameful to get a gift card, you're just giving them the choice to pick their own gift. At our Art Materials location, they're sure to have tons to pick from.


Hahnemühle has really outdone themselves this time! The Toned Watercolor Sketchbook comes in either gray or beige, every piece of the book is meticulously made to craft. The pages are 90 lb. acid-free, dual side surfaced so you can paint wonderful landscapes. Not to mention the high quality linen hardcover and tension band with colors that match the toned pages. 


emott fineliner pens, a great gift for bullet journalists

Offering a range of 40 colors with their signature minimalist aesthetic, anyone is sure to appreciate EMOTT pens. Instead of a felt tip end, their ends have a fine ballpoint to prevent the average wear and tear normally seen on felt tips. The ink is fade-resistant and waterproof so it's great for any highlighting or mixed media needs. The color combinations are curated to fall within certain aesthetics, seasons, moods and emotions. This gift is sure to put a creative step in your artist friends stationary collection.


Kunst & Papier Binderboard Sketchbooks are some of the most in-demand sketchbooks we carry! They are made in Germany and feature sturdy binderboard covers that can be bound with with bookcloth, fabric, or paper, or decorated however you like. They can be opened flat and even bent back double without damage to the binding. The heavyweight acid-free pages are great for all dry media as well as water-based markers, inks, and light washes. You will love these sketchbooks!



derwent watercolor pencils

Great for any artists that strive for control yet still love the flowing nature of watercolors. The Derwent Watercolor Pencils have a softer texture enabling it to be blended into beautiful new shades. Use dry or wet, even combine with any other Derwent colored pencils! Layer as many colors on top of each other for the typical colored pencil blend or paint water on top of it with a brush to create a new color. Create beautiful paintings with these Watercolor Pencils by Derwent.


Here’s a 1-minute lesson on stretching a giant canvas by our talented team member, Andrew Sandberg. This video is the first in a series as Andrew documents his work on the large painting, Dora Mina, that he is working in our retail space. Stop by and take a look at his progress — you can even watch through the front windows as he paints in the evening! 


finetec pearlescent watercolors

These pearlescent colors are so thick and beautiful they're sure to knock your socks off. Although labeled as watercolors they extremely pigmented and allow for amazing gradients of metallics, easily blended with other colors. On black paper these watercolors shine as bright as a star. Definitely recommended for any artists that love the sheen from metallic paints, without sacrificing pigmentation. They can also be used for brush lettering for the holidays as the thick colors look amazing on cards as their centerpiece. As versatile as they are great, Finetec Pearlescent Watercolors make a wonderful gift for any artistic star. 


Sennelier Rive Gauche Fine Oil Colors dry twice as fast as classical oil paints, and are 50 percent less likely to yellow over time! The shorter drying time means a whole new range of possibilities when working with fresh paint that are not possible when working with traditional oil paints. Made with safflower instead of the traditional linseed oil, Rive Gauche Fine Oils will help your artwork stand the test of time.


travelogue artists journals

Travelogue Artist Journals are great to bring with on a trip or just to record experiences over the course of time. They take many mediums like pen, pencil, watercolor, light wash, etc. The 130 gsm paper is surprisingly sturdy. The books include a hardcover, ribbon, clear plastic envelope on the inside back cover and an elastic closure to ensure the best of experience and protection of precious art. They come in various sizes and colors, great for any picky artists out there. A great gift for budding artists or any art loggers out there!


The QoR Mini Half Pan Watercolor Set has 12 rich, brilliant colors and is great for urban sketching!


liquitex heavy body acrylics

These Liquitex Heavy Body Acrylics are great for any artists that already know a bit about acrylic art and want to immerse themselves even further in. Unlike Liquitex Soft Body Acrylics these heavy body acrylics are thicker, use them in more advanced practices like impasto and alla prima. Layer them on thick in mixed media projects to create a textured surface that dries yet retains its shape and color. Even just play around with them and experience what it is to paint with heavy body acrylics.


Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils on sale

Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils are a time-tested classic in the colored pencil world. Made with soft, thick leads, they feature excellent brilliance, point strength and blending quality. Available in a rainbow palette of 145 colors!


pitt lettering sets

A great gift for yourself, or any lettering artists out there, these sets are wonderful for the holidays. Decorate any letter, envelope, paper or artwork with beautiful handwritten messages. The brush tips in the Faber-Castell Pitt Lettering Sets come in different sizes as printed on their casing, allowing for different thicknesses and styles. The various colors are sure to impress and add to the wow-factor of your lettering. 


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