Unison Pastels

Unison Pastels on sale for $5.55 each while supplies last!

Unison Pastels, made in England, are no longer being distributed in the United States, so stock up on these unique creamy and richly colored pastels while you can!

Unison Pastels were developed by artist John Hersey, who took it upon himself to create the tools with which he wished to work. His original inspiration for the pastels was his fascination for the texture and deep black pigment of soft charcoal, and so he sought to create a line of pastels with similar attributes. Unison Pastels are unique in the way that they are made: each pastel is rolled by hand and then air-dried in the setting of Northumberland, England, where the risk of over drying the pastel is minimal. This process results in a line of 374 pastels with a creamy texture that are deeply pigmented. Rather than adding black and white to pure colors in order to make tints, the color range of Unison Pastels is designed as a total spectrum, with cycles of related hues to reflecting how creator John Hersey sees color in nature.

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