Holiday Gift Guide 2021

As the year comes to a close, we celebrate with one in other in different ways. Find the perfect gifts for the creatives around you with our Holiday Gift Guide. From the bullet journaler to the watercolorist, you're sure to have something to give.


journals and sketchbook gifts with spiralbound sketchbook on gold background

Perfect for budding artists and professionals alike, sketchbooks are a great gift if you're not sure what they want. Journals are a great gift for the organized creatives among us, bullet journals and planners galore!



gifts for the watercolorist watercolor palette and tubes in various colors

You know the one, watercoloring all day everyday. Maybe they're just learning to watercolor, we have sets for all levels of watercolor artistry. 



gifts for the doodler various pens on gold background

Whether it be sketching or just plain doodling, any kind of art with pens and markers is bound to find a good gift here.



gifts for the pencil artist pile of colored pencils on a gold background

Great for sketching, practicing and finished art, colored pencils are the stars of the show. Great gifts for a mess free drawing experience.



gifts for the fine pen enthusiast fountain pens and brass ballpoints on a gold background

Get a little fancy this year with a fine pen. Ranging in prices, you're sure to find one that fits your gifting needs and aesthetics.



gifts for the airbrush artist box with silver airbrush on gold background

Airbrushes are extremely versatile and a great thing new hobby for the jack-of-all-trades. They can be used for canvas painting, makeup, so much more! With a great community, giving an airbrush isn't just that, it's starting a new life.



gifts for the painter canvas brushes and a palette on a gold background

Painting is a passion unlike any other, creating amazing art from nothing more than a blank page or canvas. Whether their medium of choice be acrylic, oil or gouache, we have what they need. Gift them something useful in their passion.



easels text with a wooden easel on a gold background

Every single artist should have an one regardless of their medium. An investment often forgotten by painters and watercolorists alike. Spare the artist a cramped arm and back with an easel, they'll thank you later!

stocking stuffers assorted small items gift card, notebook, tiny canvas and watercolor palette on gold background

Simple creative gifts for Secret Santa's or just for filling them stockings.



All these items are available online and in-store.
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