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Princeton Catalyst Polytip Silicone Brush Size 8 Round

Item: PB6400R-10

Barcode: 757063643612
Manufacturer's Code: 757063643612

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Princeton Catalyst Polytip Brush 10 Round

Catalyst Polytip bristle brushes are a great new breakthrough in the world of synthetic fiber brushes.

Made of engineered silicone, the Polytip bristle is super stiff yet super responsive. Unlike natural bristle brushes, which can become useless when soaked in water, Polytip brushes have great integrity holding up in water.

Each bristle of the Polytip brush holds an extremely high volume of paint while providing a smoother application than natural bristle brushes.

Great for use with medium- to heavy-bodied acrylics, oil paints, and heavy gel mediums.

• Shape: Round
• Size: 10

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