Jack Richeson Jack's Linseed Studio Soap 4oz

Item: JRC120740

Manufacturer's Code: 717304107471



Jack’s Linseed Studio Soap 4 oz

Made with naturally refined linseed oil and a unique blend of natural cleaners, Jack’s Linseed Studio Soap cleans acrylic, oil, and casein paints from paintbrushes, while moisturizing and conditioniing them at the same time. It also removes paint from hands, clothes, floors, workstations, and more! This non-toxic, low-odor formula makes it an ideal soap for classrooms and studios. To remove hardened paint from brushes, soak the bristles overnight in a 50/50 dilution of Jack’s Linseed Studio Soap and water, repeating if necessary.

• Cleans and conditions brushes
• Safe / Non-toxic
• Low odor
• Spot-test before using on fabric
• 4 oz (120ml) plastic jar

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