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Golden Heavy Body Acrylic Hansa Yellow Light 2 oz

Item: GD1180-2

Barcode: 738797118027
Manufacturer's Code: 738797118027

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Golden Heavy Body Acrylic 2 oz Hansa Yellow Light

Golden Heavy Body Acrylics are made with unique pure pigments that makes them a favorite with artists.

• Exceptionally smooth, thick buttery consistency
• Unique pure pigments in a 100% acrylic emulsion vehicle
• No fillers, extenders, opacifiers, toners or dyes added
• Render excellent permanency and lightfastness
•Each color formulated differently depending on the nature of the pigment
• Colors that tolerate higher pigment loads dry to a more opaque, matte finish
•Colors that are more reactive and do not accept high pigment loading dry to a glossy finish and tend to be more transparent.
• Size: 2 oz
• Color: Hansa Yellow Light

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