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Get the best gift for the creatives in your life. With specific categories for each kind of artist, you're sure to find the perfect present this holiday season.


tombow dual brush pens great for bullet journals and crafts alike text on bright colorful drawn leaves with pens

These brush pens have a soft yet durable brush tip on one end and a hard fine tip on the other. The inks are acid-free, water-based, and blendable, making them ideal for artists, crafters, and anyone who is into bullet journaling, doodling, and hand lettering. Coming in a wide variety of colors, shades and sets; any creative is sure to love Tombow Dual Brush Pens as a gift!


moleskine journals, a perfect gift for the notetaker and doodler on dark background with fairy lights and a moleskine with text

A wonderful backpack companion for people of all sorts. It can be used as a sketchbook, journal, a running to-do list, or to take notes. With hardcover binding it can take any beating, while protecting what is contained inside. One can never have enough Moleskine journals!


make your own holiday cards text on hanging card background

These artist-quality papers come in a wide range of formats. Create handmade cards that perfectly match your vision. Watercolor cards, photo mount cards, photo frame cards, watercolor postcards, inkjet cards, deckle edge cards, stamping cards, hemp cards, and more. Strathmore Blank Cards are sure to brighten up the holidays with a personal touch.


derwent graphitint set, use dry or wet these colored pencils create extraordinary effects background turtle drawing made with assorted graphitint colored pencils

Combined graphite with water-soluble color create an amazingly versatile pencil. Use dry to add subtle color and dimension to graphite drawings, or apply water to release explosions of color with an element of graphite blackness. Easy blended and coming in the most gentle tones, Derwent Graphitint Colored Pencils are a great gift for the versatile artist.


give the gift of choice, ideal for the particular artist, our gift card is a wonderful gift on gold background full of gift cards

Sometimes artists can be very particular and would prefer to choose their products themselves. Worry not! Here at Art Materials we tailor to every kind of artist, we have gift cards for in-store purchases. They can come in, pick what they want or speak with our skilled sales associates and decide what medium works best for them. Giving an Art Materials gift card is a great way of showing how well you know them to pick out their own gift.


Here’s a 1-minute lesson on stretching a giant canvas by our talented team member, Andrew Sandberg. This video is the first in a series as Andrew documents his work on the large painting, Dora Mina, that he is working in our retail space. Stop by and take a look at his progress — you can even watch through the front windows as he paints in the evening! 


Sennelier Rive Gauche Fine Oil Colors dry twice as fast as classical oil paints, and are 50 percent less likely to yellow over time! The shorter drying time means a whole new range of possibilities when working with fresh paint that are not possible when working with traditional oil paints. Made with safflower instead of the traditional linseed oil, Rive Gauche Fine Oils will help your artwork stand the test of time.


strathmore vision watercolor padstrathmore vision mixed media sketchbookstrathmore vision drawing sketchbook

Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils on sale

Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils are a time-tested classic in the colored pencil world. Made with soft, thick leads, they feature excellent brilliance, point strength and blending quality. Available in a rainbow palette of 145 colors!


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